Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twitter Client Issues

In this post, I will write about two twitter clients I used with Ubuntu 10.10.  I noticed Gwibber when I first started using Ubuntu.  I set up my twitter account and tweeted a few times.  I noticed that every three to five minutes a box would appear listing the status of my accounts.  This began to disturb me after a while so I googled it.  I read a page that listed this as a bug and recommended uninstalling Gwibber.

So I un-installed using tips I found on this page. I then did some research and settled on Hotot as my new client of choice.  I followed instructions from this page and I tweeted a few times.  I like everything about Hotot except for the way you call it.  This page uses a command to start Hotot, but I would like to start it from a shortcut on my desktop, or automatically on start up.  I'm sure this can be done, but it will take more research on my part.  It's March Madness for gosh shakes!

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